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1990 Chorus led by Dave McMillan at Commencement


Numerous graduates from our institution have accomplished remarkable feats, embarking on impressive educational journeys, exploring thrilling destinations, and commencing fulfilling careers. Some have pursued advanced degrees, engaging in PhD research and expanding the boundaries of knowledge. Others have ventured to far-off places like Korea, teaching English as a second language and immersing themselves in diverse cultures. A few have taken the initiative to establish youth centers, making a positive impact on the lives of young individuals in their communities.

While we have kept track of the achievements of some of our esteemed Great Lakes alumni, we acknowledge that our knowledge is not comprehensive. We are eager to learn about the remarkable endeavors of all our graduates. We encourage you to utilize the convenient ‘Contact Alumni News’ button below to connect with us and provide updates on your current pursuits. Your stories inspire and motivate future generations, and we look forward to celebrating your accomplishments and sharing them with our community.

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You are invited to share stories of how you’ve sensed God’s presence in your life or how God is directing you to make a difference.

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