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Spiritual Life

High school is much more than academics. Since Great Lakes Christian High School has a smaller student body, it is easy to try new things! There are plenty of extra-curricular opportunities for all and a number of ways to get involved.

Some of your best memories in high school could be made while you are traveling with the chorus, planning for winter banquet, or working behind the scenes for a dramatic production.

Nurture Your Soul, Find Your Purpose

Great Lakes Christian High School is a place where you can learn more about Jesus Christ and grow closer in your personal relationship with God.

Explore your faith and connection to Jesus within a community through our inclusive and welcoming Spiritual Life program.

Here, you are in an environment where you are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers, whether it is in Bible class, during chapel, or in a study through boys’ or girls’ religious clubs. Part of our mission at GLCHS is to be evangelistic, and we are excited that every year several students commit their lives to Christ.

There are scheduled parts of your day that will contribute to your spiritual growth, but it is the unscheduled activities that will really challenge you to grow – asking a teacher some difficult questions, reflecting in prayer, or discussing your spiritual life with friends.

The Spiritual Life Room is an ideal place to go if you want a safe place to open up or ask someone about the Christian faith.

Our Staff are always willing to talk, pray, read the Bible with you or recommend resources to help you at all stages of your faith journey.

At our high school, we recognize that spiritual well-being is just as important as academic success. That’s why we offer a robust Spiritual Life program to help our students explore their faith and connect with others in our community.

Our program includes Bible classes three times a week, as well as chapel services held twice a week. In addition, we have dedicated fellowships for girls and boys through Adelphe Girls’ Christian Fellowship and Brothers in Christ Boys’ Christian Fellowship.

We also have an A Capella Chorus for students who enjoy expressing their faith through music. Our school has a dedicated Spiritual Life room that serves as a welcoming and inclusive space for students to gather and engage in discussions about faith and spirituality.

We believe that our Spiritual Life program provides students with the tools and support they need to grow spiritually and develop a strong sense of purpose and connection within our community.

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