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Residential Life

High school is much more than academics. Since Great Lakes Christian High School has a smaller student body, it is easy to try new things! There are plenty of extra-curricular opportunities for all and a number of ways to get involved.

Some of your best memories in high school could be made while you are traveling with the chorus, planning for winter banquet, or working behind the scenes for a dramatic production.

Your home away from home

Through residential life, students from Canada and around the world learn to live and work together.

At GLCHS, we provide a unique and rewarding residential experience to approximately half of our student body. Our 5-Day and 7-Day residential programs offer students from all over the world a safe, supportive, and comfortable home away from home. Living and working together in our residences, students have the opportunity to form lasting friendships and learn from each other’s diverse backgrounds and cultures.

To ensure that our residential students receive the best possible care and support, we have experienced dorm parents living in each residence who are available to assist and mentor students on a daily basis. Our dorm parents provide a friendly and supportive environment that helps students adjust to their new surroundings and make the most of their time at GLCHS.

In the evenings, we offer a comprehensive residential program that includes supervised study hall, optional tutoring from our dedicated teachers, and open gym time for students to relax and unwind. Additionally, our student centre, located in the boys’ dorm, is a popular hangout spot where students can play games like ping pong and catch up with friends.

Our residential program has become a hallmark of GLCHS and has received praise from students and parents alike. We believe that our program offers students a unique opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive in a supportive and nurturing environment

Students come to love these homes away from home.

About half of our student body at GLCHS lives in the residences on campus, either as 5-Day or 7-Day residential students.

Through residential life, students from Canada and around the world learn to live and work together.

Experienced dorm parents live in each residence and support students every day.

The evening residential program includes supervised study hall, optional tutoring from teachers, and open gym.

Our student centre is located in the boys’ dorm and is a great place to relax with friends and play games like ping pong.

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